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Administrative Directory
Enter the name for this tabbed section: SUPERINTENDENT - DIRECTOR
Jonathan Evans
Superintendent - Director
Administrative Assistant
Karen Ward
Enter the name for this tabbed section: PRINCIPAL
Shannon Snow
Patricia Mulvey
Enter the name for this tabbed section: DIRECTOR OF CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION
John Brochu
Director of Career & Tech Ed
Mary Kaleta
Enter the name for this tabbed section: DIRECTOR OF SATELLITE TECHNICAL PROGRAMS
Domenic Jannetti
Director of Satellite Tech Programs & Facilities
Soraya Winters
Enter the name for this tabbed section: DIRECTOR OF GUIDANCE & ADMISSIONS
Adrienne Bogusky
Director of Guidance & Admissions
Heidi Elworthy
Enter the name for this tabbed section: ACADEMIC COORDINATOR
Daniel Hudder
Academic Coordinator
Enter the name for this tabbed section: DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL EDUCATION
Michael Dolan
Director of Special Education
Anita Gonzalez
Enter the name for this tabbed section: ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL
Kenneth Collins
Assistant Principal • Dean of Students
Angela Sarnosky
Enter the name for this tabbed section: RECORDS ACCESS OFFICER
Jonathan Evans
Superintendent - Director • Records Access Officer

750 Winter Street
Framingham, MA  01702
Faculty & Staff Directory
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Adamiak, MichaelScience
Aho, KrissProgramming and Web Development
Allain, RichardGraphic Arts
Andrade-Winters, SorayaEvening School
Anniballi, KoriMath
Baker, SusanHealth Careers
Beling, JeffreyEnglish
Bengiovanni, ErinScience
Bogusky, AdrienneGuidance Director/
Brochu, JohnCTE
Brown, SusanStudent Cafeteria
Butler, DeniseBusiness Office: Bookkeeper/
Capuano, PatriciaBusiness Office: Accounts
Cardone, ChristinaSpecial Needs
Cassullo, FrancinePhysical Education
Cedeno, ChristineSpecial Needs
Chrisom, FaithAdmissions/Career
Clark, JaniceIS
Clifford, SarahEnglish
Collins, DonnaSpecial Needs
Collins, KennethAssistant Principal/
Colton, SusanBusiness Office: Human
Concepcion, JanildaELL
Conti, Jamie BrownSocial Studies
Costa, RichardMetals Technology
Crisafulli, JoelDesign & Visual Communications
Cuozzi, JillEarly Childhood
Dangelo, BrendaCopy
Dolan, MichaelSpecial Needs
Ellis, MargaretBusiness Technology
Elworthy, HeidiGuidance
Evans, JonathanSuperintendent
Fairclough, JuliaAdjustment
Fairfield, AndrewCarpentry
Fisichella, AndreaGuidance
Flynn, MatthewPlumbing
Fogarty, PatrickMetals Technology
Frades, JodyBusiness Office:
Frampton, ToddLegal and Protective Services
Frank, DeborahMath
Fulham, NickSocial Studies
Gable, J RSpecial Needs
Ghilani, ElenaSpecial Needs
Gonzalez, AnitaSpecial Needs
Gordon, EricPlumbing
Graham, JenniferHealth Careers
Grass, ThomasShipper/
Griffin, JeffMath
Griffin, JoanneHealth Careers
Hadfield, KristineBusiness Office: Accounting
Hamilton, MarkProgramming and Web Development
Henningson, ErikElectrical
Holland, JudeSpecial Needs
Holt, Maria VandaELL
Hudder, DanielAcademic
Iglesias, ThomasAutomotive
Jannetti, DomenicC&M Facilities
Johnson, MarkMCAS
Joy, CathySpecial Needs
Kaleta, MaryMain Office: CTE
Kane, ChrisPhysical Education
Kane, MarthaSchool
Keating, JohnDistrict
Kellogg, AliceELL
King, MarianneCosmetology
Kinney, JackAutomotive
Kramer, KevinSpecial Needs
Lacasse, PeterCulinary
Lamb, GregArt
Lambert, JenniferReading
Lashmit, ScottScience
Leveillee, KirsteenBusiness Office: Director of
Lewis, JeremySpecial Needs
Lieberman, IleneSpecial Needs
Locke, ChristinaScience
Lopes, AntonioELL
Lyskowski, StaceyGuidance
Machado, NelsonMath
Marini, DonPhysical Education
McGrath, CristinBusiness Technology
McGrath, JamesIn-House Suspension
Medina, EvelynEarly Childhood Teacheremedina@jpkeefehs,org
Millard, LindaCulinary
Morvan, ScottAutomotive
Mulvey, PatMain Office: Principal's
Murphy, DanElectrical
Newell, MichaelCarpentry
Packard, RobertCo-op
Pagano, JennieScience
Patterson, StevenSpecial Needs
Paul, DouglasHorticulture
Paul, LindaELL
Peppersack, MichaelEnglish
Petro, AshleyEnglish
Phillips, BillAdustment
Piccioli, DianeSpecial Needs
Prevosk, JamiePlumbing
Rabidou, JohnInformation Systems
Rabidou, MaribethSpecial Needs
Rector, ValerieEnglish
Richard, TriciaCosmetology
Rosano, PhilipSocial Studies
Salay, BrennaCosmetology
Sannicandro, BobSocial Studies
Santos, VanessaELL
Sarnosky, AngelaMain Office: Attendance Secretary/Office
Schneider, KurtDesign & Visual Communications
Schultheis, StevenMath
Sees, DebraSpecial Needs
Serra, VickiGraphic Arts
Simarrian, GlenSpecial Needs
Snape, LouiseSpecial Needs
Snyder, AmyCulinary
Soares, KrishnaGuidance
Stefanini, MarieCulinary
Straton, JacquelynScience
Sueltenfuss, JoannEvening School: Director of Education Program
Sullivan, KathrynEnglish
Trincia Mcgowan, ToriSpecial Needs
van Luling, BartHorticulture
Ward, KarenSuperintendent Executive
Warren, MattSocial Studies
Webb, KenElectrical
Westcott, JulieScience
Whitcomb, JeffMath
Yarkosky, KevinMath
Gonsalvez, GregSpecial Needs

Keefe Regional Technical School • 750 Winter Street, Framingham, MA 01702 • 508.416.2100
Serving the In-District Towns of Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton & Natick, Massachusetts